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Wine Flies When You Are Having Fun

Friends joined me for supper at a restaurant on Sunday. Since they thoughtfully offered to give me a ride, I indulged with an BIG class of rosé wine. Mmmmmm.

On Monday, another friend offered me a ride to the McDonald hotel in Edmonton to enjoy a late lunch... I suppose we could call it a “lupper” (lunch/supper). It was a gorgeous afternoon - sitting in the shade on the terrace of this exclusive hotel, the view is beautiful as we could see the valley and the North Saskatchewan River.

At the end of the meal, my friend decided to pay the waitress while casually enjoying what was left in her glass of wine at her leisure, truly savouring the moment. As she kept waving her hand at a fly that insisted bothering her, all of a sudden I saw the fly flying on its back at full speed - first in a small loop followed immediately by a much larger loop and landed on its back, at full speed, right in what remained of my friend’s glass of wine.

I am leaving the expression on my friend’s face to your imagination.



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