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It was 1983 and Anny lived in the Edmonton area in Alberta, Canada.  Anny’s husband was injured at work up north, and a slight incident at the hospital left her sobbing for three days.  That is when Anny decided to find out exactly how the mind works, and started formal training to become a Master Hypnotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and an Energy Worker.  What a fascinating journey it has been!

Anny is the founder and Director of The Reiki Training Centre of Canada and the Director of the esteemed Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, where she formulates hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses. Anny has also developed and continues to teach the many applications of hypnosis in all its forms and applications.

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Supported by an Obstetrician and a Registered Nurse, Anny Slegten developed the program of Hypno-Baby Birthing™ Facilitator Certification.

In full time practice since 1984, in 1986 Anny crafted distant Virtual sessions also known as Surrogate or Remote Hypnotherapy sessions, (trance psychic ethical hypnotherapy healing sessions at a distance) to connect with the energy of a person dead or living at any stage of life.  With integrity and respect, Anny helps them resolve their issues or simply allows them to explain themselves, facilitating closure.

Six years after deciding to become a hypnotherapist, while taking a course to hone her skills in dealing with intruding energies, Anny spontaneously regressed to a past life where she was a nurse on the front line in World War I.  The drawing of a curtain around her husband’s hospital bed for privacy, and some words uttered by a nurse, reminded her subconsciously of a tent mounted on a cart which had been used as emergency surgery room during that war. After having undergone surgery in that tent and not surviving from his injuries a soldier died in Anny’s arms. In his last breath, he said “I wish you could be my wife”.

And so they did, 40 years later.  They married in this life on June 1, 1957.
Revisiting that time, she realised there was no screams nor a sound of agony and pain coming from the surgery room under that tent: Yes, the doctor was using hypnosis as anaesthesia! Subconsciously remembering this is most likely the reason she sought and obtained the help of a Medical Doctor to teach hypnosis for local anaesthesia at her school for the HypnoBaby-Birthing™ Facilitator course.

Born in Belgium and raised in the former Belgian Congo from 18 months old to almost 25, Anny was well aware of the ability of the mind – ​our non physical part – to create physical situations. Anny attended a Catholic school run by nuns from an order called Les Dames du Sacré Coeur, in Kalina, an area of Léopoldville (now Kinshasa).  The schoolgirls were well-educated and made to understand that any suggestion logic to a person may manifest itself physically, hence Anny’s fascination with the workings of the mind.

The result?  A great respect for hypnosis, a powerful tool which helps her clients consciously access subconscious core issues and relieve themselves of mental blocks, allowing them to improve their lives at any level and achieve peace of mind.

Poppy Field

What Poppies Mean To Me

In 1917, I died in the Flanders Field where the poppies grow and was born in this life in Ypres, a beautiful city in the Flanders Field. Because of this, I have a very strong connection to poppies.

Annys credentials

Anny's Credentials

Belgian born, Anny learned the skills of auto-suggestion in Congo (formerly Belgian Congo), where she lived until coming to Canada. 

Today, she has built her personal interest and natural affinity to help people into a thriving counselling practice and a well-respected Training Institute.

Anny operates her busy counselling and teaching facility and has expanded from providing individual sessions to teaching, including introductions and certification to aspiring students. 

Founder and Director of the Canadian Institute of Hypnosis, and the Kinesiology and Complementary Therapies, Anny is presently the Director of the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta where she formulates hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses. 

Anny crafted Virtual Healing Method at a Distance as well as a program for the Hypno-Baby Birthing™ Facilitator Certification in collaboration with an obstetrician and a nurse.

Anny holds many certifications including that of Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Master Extended Remote Viewer. She continues to expand her knowledge by attending International Hypnotherapy Conventions and attending other courses. This puts Anny on the cutting edge of the continuous process of learning from private sessions with clients. 

Anny is a certified HypnoBirthing™ Fertility Therapist for both men and women - and has completed the Grant MacEwen Become a Doula™ and HypnoBirthing™ courses. 

Under the tutelage of global leaders, Anny has also studied a wide variety of disciplines to complement and augment her skills as a hypnotherapist.  Additional techniques used to enhance her work are Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), rebirthing, dream therapy, age regression therapy, pre-and peri-natal therapy, past-life therapy, spirit releasement therapy, kinesiology, and post-incident stress syndrome.  She is a past member of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society and past member Association of Past Life Research and Therapies.  

A Reiki Master/Teacher, Anny teaches the four levels of the Usui Method of Natural Healing known to us as Reiki. This method is presently taught in Japan and called Traditional Japanese Reiki.  This is also reiki as practiced in North America.

She was formally introduced to Life Force Energy training in Ontario, Canada, in 1976, and was initiated into Reiki in Alberta in March 1992. Anny is grateful to all the Reiki Masters who helped her in her search for the source of the Usui System of Natural Healing known to us as Reiki. 

Anny was initiated as a Reiki Master/teacher in 1995 and in early 1996 learned and now teaches Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki as taught in Japan.  She took her Karuna™ Reiki Master/Teacher Training in February 1997.

In September 1999 Anny attended a Usui Japanese Reiki Techniques Training in Detroit with Frank Arjava Petter Reiki Master/Teacher from Japan and author of many excellent books on Reiki. In May 2006 Anny completed Komyo Reiki Shinpiden given in Edmonton by Reverend Hyakuten Inamoto of the Koato Reiki Kai (Kyoto Center), Japan and is accredited as Shihan/Teacher.

Anny is fluently bilingual in both French and English.  Her commitment to life-long learning and the ability to share her growth experience with others has earned her the reputation as one of the most respected and admired hypnotherapists in Canada and abroad. 

To meet Anny, visit her Blog and enjoy the visit!

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