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The Tooth Fairy

It was clear to me that a particular molar of mine wanted to part ways with me.

Suddenly wobbling on my jaw bone, it made protests every time I wanted to chew something. So I made an appointment with my Dentist for the following Monday to have it addressed.

On Sunday evening while eating soup (the only food that the unruly molar would allow us to eat), I could feel something in my mouth that was not expected or usual. It felt as though there were a candy or something harder than soup in there. Upon investigation, much to my surprise, it was the molar! Complete and in one piece, I examined it and was able to detect one small cavity.

Problem now rectified, I contacted my dentist to cancel the emergency appointment. Next, I cleaned the extracted molar and prepared it for it’s next purpose. Having come from the Congo, I had never experienced or even heard of the Tooth Fairy. That night was the night for me to have that experience for myself. I put the tooth under my pillow, as was explained to me was part of the ritual.

My friend, the one who was guiding me through this tradition, had told me that by placing it under my pillow I could have a dream that would explain to me how to get whatever I wanted to have.

It’s been four nights now, and still nothing. I’ve decided now that it is time to move on to the next part of this strange ritual, can somebody please email me the address to the Tooth Fairy Complaint Department?

I look forward to hearing from you all, and will also update you if there are any changes to my dreams, money under my pillow, or a reply from the complaint department.




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