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So Much More Than Just A Holiday

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It was in 1960.

At the country’s independence from Belgian Congo to what is now République Démocratique du Congo, the black people and their new army became literally crazy, wrecking and taking everything, taking white people hostage, torturing them, killing them, and more.

Today, many events are coming to mind as I do remember running for our lives as well as helping others save their life, or to be more to the point, helping them save their skin.

Maurice and I came to Canada by choice, paying our way with our own money. What for? To live. ​I lost everything, including my country, except one thing: I kept my life.

Thanksgiving has always been very special to us. It should be special to all of you too.

Thank you Canada, and Happy Thanksgiving day to you all!

Anny Slegten


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