• Anny Slegten

Flying in the Wind

We are April 12.

This is Spring time and to our great pleasure the geese are back for a good three weeks now, honking loudly, a prelude to Summer and warmer weather.

The ducks landed here about a week later.

For us, this time of the year usually also means sunny and windy weather, with wind gusting to 50 km - 70 km/hour.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched two ducks flying off the neighbour's ditch full of water, flying into the head wind as hard and fast as they could, hardly advancing.

Then, all of a sudden turning around and flying fast in the tail wind, passing at the speed of bullets, and with a big splash landing back into the ditch full of water.

This must have been lots of fun because the two ducks did that several times, obviously enjoying the tail wind!

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